Reijo Roininen


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Who am I?

I took my civil engineer degree in housebuildning in Tampere Polytechnic in 1977 and the Bachelor of Science degree in 1996. At present I work in Harjavalta town as environment engineer. My duties are building inspection and environmental protection. And now I am still present in Tampere University of Technology.

Extra curriculum activities

Building planning both new houses and renovation. Building consulting. I've specialized in mold problems of small houses. I have already 25 years of experience in that branch, so I won't belong to those swindlers that have been emerging in the business lately.

I wanted some change in my life so I started studying information technology and computer science in Tampere University of Technology in Pori in autumn 1997. I still work as a building consultant in our company Lšnsi-Suomen Talopalvelu Ltd.


Wife: Hilppa Roininen

Children: Riika Roininen, Riina Roininen, Rami Roininen, Renny Roininen